NPM Day 2: Cinquain

Morning time is precious to me. I woke today, thankful for the flow of another day without timelines and rush, rush, rush. Luxuriating in the feel of a weekday morning, while trying to overlook the Sunday-impending-Monday part of it. Leaning into this time for writing. For wandering. For taking pictures. The time when I try to weave a creative life from noticings and wonderings. From dream fragments, the fading glow of moonlight and the blush of dawn. This morning my soundtrack is the gentle gurgle of the coffee pot, the rising chorus of the birds, the tic-tic-tic of the heating radiators, and the stop-and-start soft scrape of my pen on the page.

each dawn
a tinder box
wisps of dreams like forest duff
pen scrapes the page, one spark ignites
a blaze

©Molly Hogan

*Today Alex Price’s daily #CinquainPrompt was blaze.

PF: The Gift of a Snow Day

I’m still having fun with Alex Price’s #CinquainPrompt each day. Today’s prompt was “mine” and my response came quite easily:

Snow day!
I rise early
watch the snowflakes drift, fall
A sudden luxury of time…
All mine

©Molly Hogan

I can’t remember when we last had a snow day. What a gift! I have all sorts of noble intentions, but keep finding myself drawn outside to take photographs, to watch the birds, to tilt my head back and watch the flakes appear as if by magic from the grey sky.

The gift of time
as surely as snowflakes falling
transforms the day

©Molly Hogan

flocking robins
layer snow-laden limbs
living collage

©Molly Hogan

I’m so thankful.

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