unnamedI’ve been delighted by the hollyhocks in my garden this summer. Over the years, they have appeared in my garden intermittently, varying in height and color. In the spring I’m thrilled when I see those tell-tale leaves, anticipating the glory of the blooming flowers, thrusting high above the garden.

This summer the hummingbird visits the hollyhocks most mornings. It hovers before a blossom. Darts in. Retreats. Hovers again. It moves to a tightly furled blossom. Hovers. Moves on. Even though I know its wings move in figure 8 patterns, I can’t see them. Nor can I capture his rapid flight in a picture. I’ve stopped trying now and simply enjoy watching him. Sometimes his small body bumps into a blossom, dislodging golden pollen which falls into small piles, or tumbles down the blossom to drift through the air. When he flits to the other side of the plant, I watch his shadow through the delicate petals. I often think how lovely it must be to dine on nectar in dew-drenched pink blossoms on a summer morning!


In summer’s garden
Hollyhock buds purse pink lips
waiting for sun’s kiss

©2018 M. Hogan

Under sun’s caress
Hollyhock petals unfurl
welcome hummingbirds

©2018 M. Hogan



Hollyhock’s Ambition

Hollyhock builds a ladder to the sky
Holding a star within each blossom
she creates a universe
for hummingbirds and bees

©2018 M. Hogan

DSCN5169 (1).jpg

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