Writing’s a Process!

slice-of-life_individualWriting’s a funny thing. Sometimes you think you know what you’re going to write, but then something else happens in the process. Here’s a case in point–this month I’ve been writing to prompts in a group, and yesterday, Linda Baie shared a photo of this painting by Susan Sadler.

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Summer Breeze, Susan Sadler

Isn’t it fabulous? I was immediately enchanted, delighted by the color and whimsy. The painting captures that light-hearted, warm sense of a beach escape. Ahhh…I could practically feel the warmth of the sun, the sand beneath by toes, and the sweet, salty breeze. I imagined the fun, rollicking rhyming poem I’d write. I thought I’d title it “Invitation.”

Apparently, my brain had different ideas.

During the past week of winter break at home in Maine, I’ve seen more than a few Facebook photos from friends traveling to Barbados, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, California, Florida. Sigh. The vibrant colors in their photos contrasted mightily with the whites and greys outside my window. It’s been lovely here, and I’m glad they’ve been having fun, but still….

The long and short of it is that when I sat down to write, the light-hearted poem I thought I was going to write was rudely pushed aside by a slightly bitter one that I didn’t even know was there!

Winter Break in Maine

From winter’s depths
with icy winds,
I glower at the screen.

A beach house view
with surf and sand—
relaxed, enchanting scene.

My so-called friends
keep posting pics
from climates warm and green.

While I’m at home
digging through snow—-
Who thought they’d turn so mean?

Molly Hogan ©2020