Happiness is…


Happiness is combining my love of photography, nature and words. These days, I’m feeling so thankful for the beauty that surrounds me and for the respite it offers.  Here’s hoping that your summer days are also filled with natural wonders and time to appreciate them.

turtle final

lumbering* on land
within sun-dappled pond
snapping turtle glides
casting submarine shadows
a whisper amidst lily pads

©Molly Hogan, 2019


cloud walking

snowy egret
cloud walks in rosy shallows
daybreak mystique

©Molly Hogan, 2019


kingfisher’s wings
brush the river
reality meets reflection

I miss the shot
-too dark, too blurry-
but hold the memory
crystal clear

©Molly Hogan, 2019

Make sure to stop by Margaret Simon’s blog Reflections on the Teche today. She’s hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup with a beautiful, poignant poem, crafted from a stolen title.

*Thanks to Catherine Flynn for this word choice!