SOL: Feeling Fortunate

On Saturday morning, we headed toward Scarborough Downs, a former horse racing site that has been transformed into a mass vaccination site. We arrived precisely when directed for Kurt’s first vaccine dose, and were immediately impressed by the clockwork precision of the many moving parts. We were directed from station to station by friendly, helpful workers, with minimal delay.

About 10 minutes after we arrived, Kurt had received his first dose and we were walking out toward the observation area. We followed the handy white arrows on the floor as directed (or so we thought). The couple in front of us was talking to a petite older woman, so we turned toward another cluster of official looking people with clipboards.

“Hey! Are you trying to jump the line?”

We turned and saw the woman, waving her clipboard at us.

“Oops! Sorry!” we said, and moved back toward her.

The couple moved along and she turned to us.

“I may be short, you know, but I can take you down,” she asserted, smiling, and we laughed.

“Oh, are you a mixed martial artist?” asked Kurt.

“No,” she said, without missing a beat, “but I have 8 brothers.”

“Oh,” Kurt replied, “Same thing then.”

She asked her questions and directed us to the check-out/appointment scheduling area. After we finished there, the next person led us over to a couple of chairs.

“Let us know if you’re not feeling good,” she said, “You’re free to leave at 10:34 if you feel fine.”

Kurt sat, and I wandered over to check out the big thank you wall of post-its.

I wandered along the wall, stopping and reading every so often. Each note expressed thanks, gratitude and hope. Many were short. Some told personal stories. Together they created a wonderful, positive outpouring from the community. With so many serious problems front and center, it’s easy to overlook the massive accomplishments of this time, and the efforts of so many individuals and organizations to make a difference. It felt so nice to see some of that effort acknowledged here. Also, so often these days, I find I can’t begin to wrap my head around what I see people saying and doing. This communal constructive wall of thanks, though, was something I could deeply appreciate and relate to.

On the drive home, I looked ahead of us and saw this vanity plate. Even though I wasn’t the one who got this shot today, it still felt pretty apt.