11454297503_e27946e4ff_hDSC_0072 DSC_0128
slender spears of asparagus
emerging from the moist garden soil
thick tart rhubarb stalks
lumbering from the earth
waving elephantine leaves
the swollen purple buds of lilacs
scattering sweet scent in the warming air
spiky bursts of yellow forsythia
and coral-hued thorny quince
punctuating the landscape
with brilliant exclamations
a cobalt ocean of scilla undulating,
carpeting the hill to home
blazen, blowzy poppies
dipping and nodding
DSC_0700heads heavy in the breeze
scarlet, bold and gaudy
and glowing ruby jars
of strawberry preserves
cooling on the counter

2 thoughts on “Anticipating

  1. Amy says:

    Oh, I can feel, taste, see, and smell all the anticipation just building up. Such beautiful word choice in you poem!


  2. Phillips says:

    I promise you I left a comment yesterday! I love this poem; your words feed my soul.


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