FOPP Day 28: Pack up the Party

Today is the last day in Laura Shovan’s FOPP. I wasn’t able to participate as much as I’d planned, but it was a powerful experience.  I am so thankful for her generosity in hosting this project. The picture below sparked thoughts of carnivals and fairs, with their accompanying rides and food, which somehow transformed into a poem about the ride through the challenge itself.


Laura’s Carnival
The carnival arrives
on a wintery breeze
A sensory extravaganza
with an open invitation,
“You can’t win
if you don’t play!”
So, dive on in
Ride on waves of words,
rhythm and rhyme,
alliteration and syncopation.
Visit the funhouse
where words twist and twine
into intriguing shapes
and mirrors reflect new images
into eternity.
Try your skill on the games.
Select words like a sharpshooter
Picking off targets.
With all your strength and wit,
set your pen onto paper
with a resounding crash.
“Ring the bell!
Ring the bell!”
Overindulge on tasty terms
and luscious prose.
Wipe the grease from your chin.
Take a spin on the carousel,
up and down,
hang on and enjoy the ride.

But all good things
must come to an end.
It’s time
to pack up the party
shut down the fun
No days left
in this carnival’s run.
Phrases litter the ground
and crumpled papers
rustle in the wind
“Step right up!
Everyone’s a winner!”


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