First Grade Signs of Spring


March SOLC–Day 15

In my classroom Monday’s Morning Meeting greeting is always a Weekend Share.  Yesterday, as usual,  students chose the one thing they did over the weekend that they wanted to share with the class.
“I rode my bike down Plummer Mill Road.”
“I saw Zootopia and it was great!”
“We went out to get an ice cream cone.”
“My hens started laying eggs again.”
“Wow!  Did you notice how many of these things are early signs of spring?” I asked afterward.
“Yeah,” the kids agreed, nodding.
One chimed in, “It’s getting warmer, too!  That’s another sign!”
“And the leaves are starting to come out on the trees!” piped up another.
“Maybe I should put up a piece of chart paper and we can jot down any signs of spring we see, ” I said. ” What do you think?”
“Yay!” The kids agreed with enthusiasm. (They’re always excited to write on a chart.)

So, our chart is up and we’ve been sharing and jotting down some early signs of spring. As the class excitement has grown, I’ve realized this is a simple way to encourage my students to see their world and to notice the changes in it. We can then use these “noticings” when we launch into poetry next week. I think our first class poem might highlight these first signs of spring. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “First Grade Signs of Spring

  1. paulabourque says:

    I WILL stay tuned! Nice idea. I love how you made common connections with their shares. We are all different, yet we have so many things in common. I would love to be a fly on the wall in your classroom!

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  2. Cindy says:

    LOVE this idea as a springboard into poetry (pun intended)! It will be a great example to show your students how ideas are everywhere!

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  3. Amy says:

    How fun! I love the chart paper! It’s great that you will use it as a “spring” board next week for your poetry.

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  4. This is brilliant, Molly! I love your students’ enthusiasm, and can’t wait to read their poems.

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  5. First graders are the best kind of people! I love how you brought them all together and will create something from their enthusiasm. Their joy will be captured and shared! Looking forward to hearing about their poetry!

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  6. Karen says:

    I love to see the world through the eyes of a first grader! They notice everything with big eyes. This is a great slice and chart!! Thanks for sharing!!

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