March SOLC–Day 16

DSCN5694.jpg“Hey, Mom, look what I found,” my son called, entering the kitchen.  In his hand was a small green hard cover book. “It’s that book Addie wrote about Mrs. _______. I’d forgotten  all about it. You should check it out. It’s pretty funny.”

My son, Connor, is graduating from college in May and has been cleaning his room out. (I’m not ready to tackle that slice yet!) During this daunting task he has stumbled across a variety of treasures. This time it was the book that his younger sister had written and dedicated to him. This book was inspired by Connor’s deep dislike of one of his middle-school teachers. (She really wasn’t very pleasant.) He must have regaled Adeline with complaints and stories and she was clearly inspired. She titled her book Mrs. McNasty and published it with an Illustory kit that someone had given her. Here are a few highlights:

DSCN5695.jpg DSCN5705.jpg
She made her claim and started supporting it with evidence.


She’d clearly mastered speech bubbles! And how about this ending?


And then the finale:


I have read this multiple times since Connor found it and it never fails to make me laugh. I love the illustrations and the speech bubbles and the ending cracks me up. In terms of writing, she’s got some good stuff going on. On the other hand, part of me is horrified that she wrote this about a teacher. I’m still not sure how in the world we agreed to send it off for publication.

8 thoughts on “

  1. Oh my! I love the page “She still teaches today!” Amazing what treasures can be found in cleaning out rooms.

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  2. Kimberley says:

    What a great book. I love Addy’s personality and voice shining through. I can tell she loves her brother so much.

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  3. Cindy says:

    HAHA So glad this is your slice today! I love seeing the pictures- it is what makes it so hilarious! I also love you look at it with a teacher’s eye “it has claims and evidence…” Great post!

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  4. danrothermel says:

    A family heirloom. Priceless.

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  5. Melanie Roy says:

    Wow, what a gift to find this book! She really did have her claims and evidence down! And I love the ending as well!

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  6. Linda Baie says:

    It’s a great production and just think, it’s a survival story, too. Cleaning out the room might be bittersweet, but glad it’s yielding treasures too.

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  7. Tara Smith says:

    I love this story! She remembered details and stayed true to the truth of it…well done!

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