Delusions of Spring?

“Spring’s coming,” I announced happily.

“Molly,” Kurt replied in his patient voice, “it’s February.”

“Yeah, but it’s getting closer. I can tell!”

“Uh-huh,” he responded.

“Remember I told you how warm the sun was when I went running Sunday?”

He merely looked at me.

“And the finches! We haven’t had finches on our feeders in ages. Today there were three of them! Three!”

“Molly,” he repeated, “It’s February. In Maine. Spring is far, far away.”

“I think we’re turning a corner,” I insisted.



4 thoughts on “Delusions of Spring?

  1. judyman says:

    I had the very same discussion yesterday!
    “It’s the April showers!”
    “No, it’s an aberration in February.”

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  2. Come to California. It’s always spring in Carpinteria.

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