Savouring the last dawn of 2018

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hWe faced east together, glowing with the light of the rising sun. How many mornings have I stood by the river and watched the sunrise with this eagle companion? Too many to count.


I snapped a few photos and then turned to gaze at the pebbled clouds and the deep rosy sky. I watched the subtle changes from moment to moment, my camera dangling at my neck. Deliberately, I didn’t reach for it again. For just a few minutes, I didn’t take a photograph. I didn’t scan for a contrast of textures, an interesting reflection, a pattern in the ice. I didn’t wish the eagle would soar across the pinkening horizon. And I didn’t long for a visit from the three bluebirds wintering nearby. I just stood there, as still in my grounded place as the eagle was on his lofty perch. I sought to be content with the what is, rather than yearning for the what might be. I savored the moment on this last day of 2018.

bald eagle and I
patiently await the dawn
morning communion

Ā©M. Hogan, 2018



22 thoughts on “Savouring the last dawn of 2018

  1. That morning view ā€” in your final picture ā€” is exquisite! What a brilliant way to start a day.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I love the metaphor of communion with the eagle. It was a sacred moment.

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  3. Fran Haley says:

    The power of “just being” – so beautifully captured. Your words and images are so poignant. They shoot straight to the heart. Savor – one of my favorite words. We all need to savor more.

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  4. Your piece reminds me to pause to savor moments not always record them or think how they be incorporated into a blog. I can miss moments by jumping to the narrative in my mind. Thanks for the reminder today. And I do like the image of “pebbled clouds.”

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    • mbhmaine says:

      It’s easy to get caught up in the potential blog post or photograph and miss the experience. Writer’s/photographer’s hazard, I guess. Even though I know this, I still need frequent reminders.


  5. Molly this is magic, simply beautifl. Love you grounded and he on his lofty perch

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  6. humbleswede says:

    Beautiful moment. I love the idea of appreciating what is instead of yearning for what might be. Both postures are important, of course, but one gets a lot less attention these days. The haiku is like dawn itself.

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  7. Terje says:

    Beautiful nature, savoring the moment, just being – what a wonderful way to greet a day.

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  8. What a beauty she is. An exquisite companion to commune with, Molly. I love your haiku for hope, but I equally love your opening paragraph. I hope you don’t mind, but I made a new year’s present with it for you. Just click the link to view in Canva.

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  9. dmsherriff says:

    Gorgeous moment captured in photo and words. I caught the poem and one picture on Twitter but this slice tells the story and feeds the reader more which I appreciate! A similar experience, yet not as beautiful, happened to me as I was walking our dog as a light snow fell – that moment helped me own my OLW 2019 – be. Thanks for sharing, Molly!

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  10. Thank you, Molly, for this wise, gorgeous post. I’m very bad at savoring moments of peace and quiet, so I appreciate your reminder to do just that. How lucky you had such a stunning companion to share the moment with. Happy New Year!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I’m not good at it either! Instead of enjoying this last quiet evening home, I’m fretting about the first day back at school tomorrow. May we both find many moments to savor in this new year.

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  11. […] here’s the link to the haibun I wrote with this haiku for this week’s Slice of Life (here). […]


  12. cvarsalona says:

    Well done, Molly. I was in the moment with you.


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