Close Reading in the Garden

As always, my garden has been a great source of joy and comfort to me this summer. I highly recommend spending the last days of summer lingering in your garden, or any garden, and looking closely.

Close Reading in the Garden

In the midst of garden glory
one zinnia blazes gold
limned by garden green
Its single stalk, leaf-laden,
supports the showcase blossom
Spiraling taffeta whorl
draws the eye inward
to dawning curled petals
a whimsy of bright suns
circling the heart of it all
hidden treasure for the attentive

©Molly Hogan, draft

This week’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Christie at Wondering and Wandering. She’s sharing a beautiful community poem about what poetry is, created by lines contributed by her poetry workshop participants and the Poetry Friday community. I, sadly, didn’t manage to get my ducks in a row in time to participate, but was wowed by the final product. Be sure to check it out!

29 thoughts on “Close Reading in the Garden

  1. My first visit to Poetry Friday, I’m swept in by your language! You capture my fascination with the fascinating but so often unexplored middle of flowers. I love “limned”, “spiraling”, “dawning” and the “whimsy of bright suns”!

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  2. Dear Molly, I do love that zinnia’s secret garden. Beautiful! xo

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  3. cvarsalona says:

    Molly, not only do your flowers bring happiness with their vivid colors but your poem provides another blossom of wonderful poetry.

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  4. Those flowers are vibrant with a capital V. Masterful photography.

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  5. Well done, Molly! Thank you for closely reading and revealing your zinnia’s “hidden treasure for the attentive.” After studying the ring of “bright suns” all I can see are starfish, but that would have to be a different poem. I planted my zinnias late, so I have one lone bloom at the moment.

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  6. margaretsmn says:

    Love the hidden gems in the garden. I recently found monarch caterpillars in mine. Thanks for your photos and the instructions for paying attention.

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  7. Barbara Beeghly Fox says:

    Your poem and photo are like a breath of fresh air!
    Cousin Boo

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  8. Denise Krebs says:

    Oh, those beautiful poems about the flowers in your garden! Wow! I am being inspired again by you to look at the flowers, Molly.
    “a whimsy of bright suns
    circling the heart of it all”

    And the zinnia’s tiny secret garden. I have never heard it described as such before, and that is just beautiful.

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  9. lindabaie says:

    Finding the center of most everything is a joy, this time celebrating zinnias, Molly. It’s lovely to read your words and “see” those centers.

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  10. maryleehahn says:

    Zinnias have been a great joy to me as well. They have drawn in the monarch butterflies and the hummingbirds. Your close reading is gorgeously crafted.

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  11. Oh, gosh. Those bright suns and the taffety whirl-so much beauty here, Molly!

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  12. mgminer says:

    The zinnia is such a generous bloom. The vibrant colors and butterflies who visit them are a delight. Your poem was a delight to read as well.

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  13. Elisabeth says:

    Both of these poems are beautiful – each capturing the essence of the Zinnia and expressing it differently. Thanks for sharing these!

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  14. Linda Mitchell says:

    What joy, what pops of color and beauty in those photos and in the poem that asks us to read closely. I think there is a bit of reading lesson in there. LOVE it!

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  15. Rebecca Herzog says:

    I love all the tiny attention to detail in both the poems and the photos. There is so much to look at when you actually take it all in. Thanks for sharing!


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