Change is Coming

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

I’ve been feeling change lately, like a physical presence. Perhaps it’s school starting or the thread of chill in the morning air. Perhaps it’s the shift in light to a rich, golden hue. Or perhaps it’s that night lingers into morning and arrives earlier each day. Clearly, fall is edging closer.

Autumn invites nostalgia in.
Come sit beside me. Time is passing. Let’s linger here for a moment together.

I find myself feeling slightly more vulnerable to my memories, to recent losses. Contemplative. There’s a shift in the air. A shift in me. Everything feels just a bit different. On the cusp. Summer is sighing, fading away as fall steps in. It’s both beautiful and faintly unsettling. My feelings and thoughts rustle like leaves in a breeze, kaleidoscopic–a flickering mosaic of past, present and future.

Yesterday morning I went to the river to greet the day, something I have seldom done of late. I wanted to be surrounded by the cool serenity of dawn. To slow time down and watch the day awaken. To wrap a blanket of calm around me. 

Clouds and light stirred and shifted, layered land, water and sky. Boundaries blurred. 

The river slipped in and out of sight behind gilded grasses and veils of glowing mist.

With every moment, the light changed. The view altered. Inevitably clearer, yet still transitioning. Sky. Clouds. Land. Mist. Water. Separating into distinct yet interwoven layers.

I heard them before I saw them. The mournful cries rebounded off the low-lying clouds and filled the chilly air. Unmistakeable. The keen call of Canada geese. I scanned the skies, thinking, as always when I hear them, of Rachel Field’s poem. Something told the wild geese… They flew low above the marsh, passed overhead, then soared around the bend in the river and out of sight. 

Change is coming.

26 thoughts on “Change is Coming

  1. maryleehahn says:

    Another gorgeous illustrated prose poem!

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  2. That’s just what I was thinking! (What Mary Lee Hahn wrote!) Thanks for the prose poem. Poetry. Loved ” To wrap a blanket of calm around me.” Your pictures and poetry wrapped me in calm on this fall day of rain. Perfect description of the day.

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  3. Sarah Valter says:

    The images you’ve created here, with both your words and your pictures, are absolutely beautiful.

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  4. Debbie Lynn says:

    As I viewed your photos, I could feel that foggy calm seeping into my soul. Loved your photos that wove a serene story.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    We wonder what the geese are thinking

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    • mbhmaine says:

      It’s interesting you’d say that, as I was just thinking that I always interpret goose song as mournful, but perhaps that’s just my autumnal lens. Maybe their song is celebratory and I’ve just been listening askew.


  6. Lainie Levin says:

    “Autumn invites nostalgia in.” You know, I hadn’t quite put it together, but yes. You’re right. Maybe it’s the dying of the leaves and foliage that prompts me to consider the passage of time (and, if I’m being honest, yes. my own mortality). Thank you for this beautiful post. It meant the world that I could stop, swim for a bit in your words and images, and just…be for a few minutes.


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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks for your understanding, Lainie. I’ve been thinking a lot about how autumn impacts me, and yes, that whole mortality thing. Nature sends a loud and clear message to take stock at this time of year.

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  7. Beautiful writing joined with beautiful photographs. I’m bookmarking this post to come back to when I want to feel your calming words and images.

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  8. cvarsalona says:

    I was swept away by the beauty of the photos and your words, Molly=>”My feelings and thoughts rustle like leaves in a breeze, kaleidoscopic–a flickering mosaic of past, present and future.”

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  9. Beautiful words, glorious pictures, welcome change! Oh, how I long for autumn. The sweaters, the candles, the socks on the wooden floors, the blankets, the coziness of coffee and a couch and a book. Thanks for whetting my appetite!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      There’s much I love about fall, but this year it’s definitely made me feel more melancholy than most years. Maybe it’s the heating bills I’m dreading… lol


  10. I love your seasonal personifications. Your sensory details are filled with hope as you share how change is coming. Your photos provide a calming presence accompanying your words. Quite the mindful experience!

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  11. Feets says:

    I love what you have written, but I also love how you provided pictures to enhance the mood.


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