Autumn Exuberance

I’ve been out and about a lot lately, enjoying the spectacular fall foliage. Autumn really doesn’t know how to tone things down, does she? She’s the queen of gaud and exuberance and exults in every moment of it. I’m a delighted spectator. These days, no matter how late I’m running, I keep taking the long way home. Somehow the wheel turns and I’m heading along yet another detour, prolonging my immersion in the glorious parade of color. From country lane to marsh to river to harvested field, there’s a constant sense of anticipation, of wondering what technicolor marvels might be just around the next corner. Flames of crimson and gold leap about in the landscape, blazing into brilliant blue skies, reflecting off the water, and lighting up overcast days. It’s a non-stop autumnal extravaganza and I’m thankful for every moment of it.

17 thoughts on “Autumn Exuberance

  1. Fran Haley says:

    Gotta love this description of Autumn: “She’s the queen of gaud and exuberance and exults in every moment of it” – truth, that! Your word-artistry and magnificent photos capture her splendors, showing exactly why she leaves us agog. Gorgeous, Molly!

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  2. gailaldousmsncom says:

    Wow, Molly! These are stunning photos with so much color! I love the reflections in the water. That first pic’s reflection seems to shimmer and glint in the water! I love the contrast of the marsh to the colored leaves, and I love the contrast of the dried corn field to the bright orange, crimson, and green! Your gray cloudy photo with a tiny bit of blue sky, the contrasting hints of color, the silhouetted trees, and mist is striking. I love how you even have a blue sky in two of your reflections. Is the last photo of your husband and you? That one the reflection looks like glass-amazing color! Thank you for sharing! You have inspired me! 🙂

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Gail. That first picture was at dawn and the rising sun made those colors burn in the trees and on the water! It was crazy! Also, the final photo is of my husband and my daughter–it’s rare for me to include people in my pictures but I do like to capture loved ones once in a while.


  3. Debbie Lynn says:

    Yes, Autumn is the queen of gaud and exuberance, and you captured her beauty to share! 🙂

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  4. margaretsmn says:

    When I retire, I am taking a trip to the northeast. I’m saying it here because I have not seen color like this in my lifetime. We get some of it, but not the exuberance you speak of. Lovely photos!

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  5. Glenda Funk says:

    I hoped you’d treat readers w/ photos. You did not disappoint. Are you in Vermont. The pics remind me of our northeast road trip last fall. I’d waited a long time to leaf perp in the northeast. Fall is my favorite season, but we don’t get the vibrant oranges and reds here.

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  6. maryleehahn says:

    Thanks for taking us along!

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  7. Lainie Levin says:

    Brilliance and exuberance indeed! You know, I’m often too caught up on the impending winter-ness of autumn, the anticipatory grief, that I forget to describe autumn colors as joyous and exuberant. I’m going to have to change my way of thinking. Thank you for that!

    I will also say, after clicking and scrolling through your photos, that these are some AMAZING images. Spectacular.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I get what you mean about anticipatory grief. That’s something I’ve been working to tone down a bit in my own life. I’m not sure I’m always successful, but the show this fall has been dazzling and has pushed me to be mindful and present. As I said, I’m thankful.

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  8. kd0602 says:

    Wow! I’m so jealous of the “gaud and exuberance” of fall in your part of the world! Things are much more subtle here where fall can easily be mistaken for summer extended. But my students are visiting pumpkin patches and eagerly anticipating Halloween, believing they know exactly what fall leaves are. Thanks for sharing your words and photos. It’s fun to live vicariously!

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  9. There’s a lot of wisdom in this comment. “These days, no matter how late I’m running, I keep taking the long way home.” Slowing down and not being so damn “productive.” Well done MBH

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