PF: Poemtober

This year I’ve been trying again to write poems in response to the Inktober drawing prompts. I’ve only written to about half of the prompts so far, but hope to play more this weekend. Some of the prompts are quite challenging at first glance, and it can be interesting to see where they lead. Here are a few from the past two weeks:

Day #2: Scurry

Why the constant scurry?
Trying to outpace worry?
So fast. Too fast.
Life gets blurry.
Slow down. Take time.
Less rush. Less flurry.

©Molly Hogan

Day # 4 :scallop

October Wondering

How does the moon
with such precision
carve opalescent scallop
from the inky fabric
of an autumn night?

©Molly Hogan

Day #6 Bouquet

Within the chrysalis
caterpillar transforms
from many-legged thing
to a bouquet
of petalled wings

©Molly Hogan

Day #14 empty

Some Days Are Just Like That…

feels empty
What’s missing
pulls and tugs
at the heart

©Molly Hogan

If you’re interested in trying out these prompts, here’s the list:

This week’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Matt Forrest Esenwine at his blog, Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme. He’s sharing exciting news about his newest book and an original poem as well.

20 thoughts on “PF: Poemtober

  1. margaretsmn says:

    What a great way to inspire daily poems! I love “ bouquet of petalled wings. “

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  2. Tabatha says:

    The Inktober words are wonderfully varied! Your “Bouquet” is a fun take, and “Some Days” is heart-tugging. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] Molly Hogan has been writing poems in response to various Inktober prompts and today she shares several at her blog, Nix the Comfort Zone. […]


  4. Less rush, less flurry, indeed! Great responses to the challenge, Molly. I also love the ‘fabric of an autumn night.’

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  5. Ah such beautiful rhythm, movement and imagery in ”October Night”, ❤️
    “opalescent scallop
    from the inky fabric
    of an autumn night?”
    Thanks for all Molly!

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  6. maryleehahn says:

    What fun! Your moon poem has me swooning.

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  7. rosecappelli says:

    What a great idea, Molly. You gave me an idea for my poetry group prompt since it’s my turn to come up with one this week.
    Love the bouquet of petalled wings, and the moon – WOW!

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  8. Linda Mitchell says:

    Bravo! I haven’t kept up with the inktober prompts this year. Scurry is my favorite. You totally captured the feeling of the word.

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  9. Wow – Beautiful poems! How did you come up with “opalescent scallop”??? Love it!


  10. heidimordhorst says:

    Ha! I didn’t even *consider* the Inktober prompts this year (and they are a strange bunch, don’t you think?). I think you’re doing awfully well, and I love your scallop one especially. Perfect use of the word and our ever-magical moon. I once described the moon has having an oyster voice…

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  11. Karen Edmisten says:

    The scurry-worry-flurry does make me blurry. That opalescent scallop seems the perfect antidote and it’s also an inoculation against the empty days. Thanks for these little doses of beauty.


  12. Laura Shovan says:

    The first two lines of “Scurry” resonate with me, Molly! And the petal-like butterfly wings — you capture how delicate they are.


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